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Awesome Game

This game is awesome.
I love it.

But it needs a pause button. It's sad you can't add it. :/

Because, when I'm playing it at school, and my teacher coming to check what I'm doing, I'm just switching windows and tabs, so he can't see it, but while he's staying there, I get killed, and that's hateful. :/
I don't wanna exit the game either, because I have to start a new game again.

But else, as I said, totally awesome game. :D

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Pretty good

I gave it a 4/5 and 7/10.
The drums didn't really fit in so well. You should either drop them or maybe turn down the volume and use some other sounds.
Also, the part where it suddenly went louder could be at least turned down a littlebit.
You should also try adding some more instruments like voice, or violin or something like that which played at the same time. That would make it a bit more interesting.

Now that I've said what could be improved I'll say what I like about it.
I liked the instrument you used, it sounds pretty good and fits well with the song.
Even tho the drums could be better, it was still a nice touch to the song and gave it more life.
I also liked the voices or whatever it was, and the sound at the end which made looping it more interesting.

So overall a pretty good song. You should keep making melodies like this but make sure to do the improvements I told you and you'll get better. :)

Halcyon13 responds:

Well thank you! I based it around a metal riff I made so I had originally intended to add guitars, but that didn't quite work out. There's a lot of things I'd like to improve, for example, it was supposed to have bells in it. I turned it into an intro for another one of my songs, but I hadn't really thought about adding to it. I might have to try it out. The .flp got messed up, so it'll be a challenge.

The end... Why have I heard it before?

Because I've seen a midi file with exactly that end and the same song and everything.

I don't think copying is right without even giving credit to the one who actually made it, the one who made the midi file.

Make something yourself instead of stealing

Anyway ...
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